Trekking in the Darjeeling is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. The combination of some of the world’s best mountain scenery together with the easy access makes trekking possible and pleasurable, even for the inexperienced.

The village and hills around Darjeeling are replete with well maintained bridle paths and tastefully-furnished dak bungalows placed at regular intervals along the route. Treks can be arranged for just few days or for up to two weeks, the more ambitious of which bring the adventurer to the foot of the towering Himalayas.

For amateur botanists and entomologists, trekking in Darjeeling area will be of particular interest thanks to the incredible diversity of flora and fauna. Artists and photographers will also be well rewarded with the picturesque vistas and stunning views. Even a one day trek to stretch one’s leg and breathe some mountain air will do wonders for your constitution, particularly when finished off with a cup of warm Darjeeling tea. Visitors intending to trek should plan carefully in advance, as permits and trekkers’ hut and dak bungalows are in high demand, as are the best guides. The best time of the year for trekking in and around Darjeeling are between October to January and from April to May.